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5 Reasons to sell on URBANE MARKeT APP

1. Have an app for your store that gains exposure to a global clientele

Get a free digital platform to sell your products with full e-commerce capabilities.

2. Exposure through a community of novelty local items for conscious consumers

We highlight local multi-cultural and woman-owned makers, designers and artisans at our pop-up shops across the country and on our mobile app.

3. Participate in multiple pop-up shops without being present

Our members benefit from being featured at all of our numerous pop-up shops throughout the month with one small monthly fee. This increases exposure and sales opportunities tremendously.

4. Get discovered by customers in the area

Our nationwide pop-up shops stock from local vendors in each city, while our app geo-locates products to customers browsing, delivering a hyper-local shopping experience. Items can also be selected for pickup or delivery, allowing more flexibility for customers and vendors.

5. Wholesale opportunities

We work with wholesale and retail stores, our platform provides showroom space to members and facilitates wholesale orders on behalf of our vendors.

For more information, feel free to email us at

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