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Urbane Market App Interface

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Urbane Market App IOS download link
Urbane Market App Android download link

Get discovered by customers in the area based on your location.

Centralized e-commerce platform for pop-ups & festivals.

Post content & events to keep customers up to date.

Perform personalized marketing & targeted promotions.

View analytics & customer data keeping you informed.

Urbane Market App Introduction
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Urbane Market App Interface
Urbane Market App Location based shopping image

Introducing URBANE MARKeT App, a curated mobile platform supporting local & independent brands. We deliver a unified, premium and relaxed shopping experience, with access to a curated selection of novelty apparel, beauty, wellness and lifestyle products, all from local brands.


We understand the challenges that brands face today, whether it’s wholesale-to-retail (brick & mortar) or direct-to-consumer (DTC). Digital marketing costs are high, and physical retail is slow. This stifles local economies, making it hard for brands & stores with smaller budgets to increase visibility and conversions.


URBANE MARKeT provides a much needed solution for local & emerging brands to sell & promote products & experiences, gather customer data, and increase exposure to a global clientele based on proximity.

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