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  • What do I need to start selling on URBANE MARKeT?
    Get started by signing up for URBANE MARKeT. Then set up your store and add your products. I sell on my own website, why do we need to sell here? URBANE MARKeT provides you with an additional platform for exposure and makes it easier to be found and make purchases within the app, delivering a unified relaxed customer experience. Download and sign up for URBANE MARKeT now & Get discovered by customers in the area based on your location! Download the URBANE MARKeT App now!
  • Onboarding Instructions
    Click here to view onboarding documentation. Do you offer a service to help with onboarding our store? We offer an onboarding service for clients who do not have the time or bandwith. This includes complete store set up with up to 10 skus for $199. Is there a limit to how many product we can have on URBANE MARKeT? Brands can have up to 10 skus for free. Our paid subscription allows brands to have up to 50 items in their store on URBANE MARKeT App.
  • Billing & Payments
    URBANE MARKET transfers payments to your Brand via Stripe electronic transfer and direct deposit for each and every sale. Stripe deposits can reflect within 3 business days. How much am I charged? Only 18% + $.30 is taken out of each sale, this includes processing fees + commission.
  • Product Shipping, Pickup & Delivery
    How does shipping work? You set the price & preferred carrier for shipping, if the customer selects shipping for their item then you will be responsible for shipping the item(s) to the customer. How does pickup work? You will be able to select if your products are available for pickup at the location you enter into your profile. Customers will be able to see the address when selecting the ‘pickup’ option prior to checkout. How does same-day delivery work? This feature is not yet available on the app, you will be notified once it is ready to launch.
  • Pop-Up Experiences
    I do pop-up shops and farmers markets so I don’t have a physical location. Can I still join? YES! With URBANE MARKeT your brand can participate in multiple pop-up experiences without being present. Your customers can pick up all items purchased from the location of your choice. By being a part of URBANE MARKeT your brand gains access to exclusive pop-up experiences at a discount or no cost. Interested in participating in upcoming Pop-Up experiences? Contact us here: HELLO@URBANESOCIETY.US

Frequently asked questions

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