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The airports’ secure environment delivers a responsive, affluent and influential captive audience who notices airport advertising and is ready to shop. With the integration of digital billboards into the static inventory, creative teams now have the flexibility to design campaigns across multiple airports that engage and stimulate travelers to take action.  



According to a Neilsen airport advertising study, eighty percent of frequent flyers notice airport advertising.  A key component in the effectiveness of airport advertising is the amount of dwell time travelers spend in the airport. 


Sixty-five percent of travelers arrive more than 60 minutes earlier. Substantial dwell time increases exposure to brand advertising


The diversity of affluent consumers, multiple advertising locations and variety of advertising options make airport advertising an extremely efficient method of precisely targeting just the right consumers.  


Target your audience – Each airport and terminal provides its own unique audience of local, national and international consumers with disposable income. Consumers in every demographic and lifestyle can be targeted through airport advertising


Detailed information on travelers makes it easy to micro-target specific consumers based on their buying habits and preferences. 


  • Business travelers  

  • Leisure travelers  

  • Frequent flyers 


Multiple advertising locations – Select the airport, terminal and location that best fits your product or service and watch your sales soar! 














From baggage claim to the terminal gate areas, there are hundreds of targeted locations to effectively reach specific audiences.  









Variety of advertising options – There is a wide variety of advertising vehicles available designed to maximize passengers’ exposure to advertising messages                      – electronic kiosks, wall posters, overhead banners, static displays and many more options to choose from.   


Advertising vehicles can be selected based on the desired effect:

  • Digital walls & bridges provide high impact, larger than life exposure - effectively delivers the “Wow!” factor. 

  • Digital Displays, strategically placed in high volume locations, increase brand awareness and exposure. They also provide the flexibility to change content and target messaging in real time.

  • Recharge Stations located throughout each airport increase brand awareness and exposure to both arriving and departing travelers.

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Our experienced team will help you plan out the most effective media options for your advertising goals.  


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